Innovative and Intuitive Recruitment Software

About Us:

For over a decade, Jobtrain Solutions has been providing intuitive, innovative and highly adaptable applicant tracking systems (ATS) to companies of all sizes and all sectors across the globe.

Jobtrain places our clients in control and enables them to easily adopt and execute a pro-active, direct recruitment strategy that manages all aspects of resourcing quickly, simply and efficiently.

Jobtrain’s recruitment solutions deliver time and cost savings to companies of all sizes and across all sectors.

Our expertise in HR and technology enables us to create industry-leading e-recruitment solutions, which places the focus firmly on people. Read more.


What is a Recruitment Management Solution?

Unsure exactly what a recruitment management solution can do? Outlined in this article is everything you need to know about recruitment solutions and the key features to look out for.

Find out the benefits of implementing a recruitment management solution into your business, from both a financial and professional outlook. Read more.

Our Solutions:

As well as our comprehensive standard solution, some of the key features of our candidate management system includes:

Vacancy/Offer Authorisation:

Simplify and speed up your internal vacancy and offer approval processes by managing them online with Jobtrain. Jobtrain gives you complete simplicity, visibility with full time and date stamped audit trails of all your approvals.

Talent Pools:

Create, manage and engage with your own Talent Pools of candidates. The Talent Pools are fully searchable within Jobtrain and very quickly allow you to build, access, maintain and communicate with groups of potential talent for the future.

Online Onboarding:

A fully online automated self-service tool, to help speed up and manage far more efficiently job offer processes, including P46, health questionnaires, offer letters, contracts, etc. This is very popular in both reducing time and costs whilst improving the candidate experience.

Business Management Reporting:

In addition to our suite of standard reports, we offer a powerful enhanced reporting and business information module where clients are able to create reports and dashboards and analyse any of the data in their Jobtrain solution. Reports can be scheduled to be run and emailed weekly, monthly, etc and exported in a wide variety of formats.